Entertainment Resume


Not Just Meena (Short Film, 2019), Actor/Songwriter

Fyr3: The Third (Mostly Crowdsourced) Fyre Festival Documentary (Short Film, 2019), Actor

Catcalling Decoded (Video Sketch, 2018), Actor/Editor/Composer

Steps to Stepping (Video Sketch, 2018), Actor/Editor

The Least Interesting Girl In the World (Video Sketch, 2018), Actor/Editor

Death Planner (Short Film, 2018), Actor

IRS Call Appreciation (Video Sketch, 2018), Actor

The Bussers “Dance to Star” (Music Video, 2018), Actor

“…” (A Sad Sketch) (Video Sketch, 2018), Story/Score/Editor

Blue’s Clues Audition Reel Parody (Video Sketch, 2018), Director/Editor/Actor

Untitled Nina Storey Project (Webseries, 2018), Actor

The Years- “The Fear” (Music Video, 2018), Actor

Nuclear Family (Video Sketch, 2018), Writer/Director/Editor/Actor

You’re Gross and I Like You (Music Video, 2018), Editor/Actor/Music

Fuck You, It’s Christmas (Music Video, 2017), Director/Actor/Music/Editor/Writer

The Art of Growing Up (Documentary, 2017), Boom Operator


Book Report (Pack Theater, 2018-Present), Actor/Writer

“A Fonzie Scheme!” (Second City Hollywood, 2019), Director

Deus Sex Machina (Second City Hollywood, 2018), Actor

Tales from the Laugh Dimension (The Pack Theatre, 2018), Producer/Host

Dead Poets Sobriety (Second City Hollywood Grad Revue, 2018), Ensemble Cast/Writer

Super Sexy Sexy Superhero (Second City Hollywood Premium Show, 2018), Assistant Director

It’s a Wonderful Lie (Second City Hollywood, 2018), Ensemble Cast/Writer

Some Fucking Advice (Second City Hollywood, 2018), Understudy

Killing Shakespeare (BS Theatre, 2017), Actor



Funny or Die’s Pitch App- Freelance Contributor (2018)

Mapquest- Freelance Contributor (2016)

Sample Articles:

Reasons to Stop in Baker, CA (aka the Middle of Nowhere)

Five Ways to Avoid Donald Trump for a Day in Long Beach

Where to Stare Dramatically Into the Distance in Long Beach

Best Spots to Find an Evil Lair in Long Beach, CA

So You Want to Be a Secret Time-Traveling Pirate Agent?

Indie Vision Music- Staff Writer (2013-2015)

Sample Articles:

Copperlily/House of Heroes Interview 3/2/15

Aaron Gillespie Interview 1/27/15

Copeland // Ixora Album Review 12/4/14

Gungor // I Am Mountain Album Review 9/24/13



Involuntary Dropouts (Indie Ensemble, 2018)

Judd Apatowsaurus (Indie Duo, 2018)

The Pull-Out Method (Indie Ensemble, 2018)


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